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Improving School District's Efficiency in Handling Paperwork

When the public school district in the small Missouri town of Mexico needed services to cut down on paper-based processing of documents in its central office, employees didn’t have far to look.

The district’s shredding service was already in place with IMS Technology Group, a business located just across town.

“We are required to keep our students’ and employees’ information confidential,” Stephanie Norris, business manager, said. “With the bulk of shredding we have, it would cost the school more to shred it ourselves than to have IMS Technology Group provide the service for us.”

The next logical step for the school district was choosing a software to bring paperwork generated by the purchasing department under control. FileBound, a document and workflow automation application offered by IMS Technology Group, allowed the office to build a system connecting users with the information they need.

“For us to use FileBound to scan all of the paperwork involved in our purchasing process and have it easily accessible has allowed us to save time “pushing paper” so we can focus our employees’ efforts on other projects,” Norris said.

In the office, there are seven employees who use FileBound in one capacity or another.  “Being able to store all of our documents from prior year transactions in an electronic format where they are safe from the elements and are kept safe in perpetuity affords us a piece of mind,” she said.

The cloud-based document storage adds an additional layer of protection for historical documents pertaining to students, administrative processes and facilities.

Making the move to FileBound was nearly painless for Norris and her office mates. “Derek (Clithero, IMS Technology Group tech specialist) has been wonderful to work with and has always been available to help us with anything we need,” she said. “He has customized and configured everything to our liking.”

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