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What Does a Firewall Do?

You’ve heard of firewalls, but maybe you aren’t sure what they do and how they can protect your business.

There’s actually a good chance that you’re using a firewall right now since a basic firewall is built into your computer’s operating system, unless you’re using a computer from 1997. But what does a firewall do? Can you get by without one? Spoiler alert: no, you can’t.

1. Protection from Unauthorized Remote Access

There may be times when technical support agents need to remotely access your computer, and you’ll watch them take control of your mouse in order to diagnose the problem; however, if you haven’t authorized remote access and a hacker gains control of your computer, it can be a nightmare as you watch helplessly as they go through your company’s sensitive data and files. What Does a Firewall Do?

With a correctly configured firewall, remote desktop access should be disabled, which would prevent hackers from taking control of your computer and data remotely.

2. Block Certain Online Locations

You’ll often see certain websites blocked particularly in schools, like social media or inappropriate content, or as a parental control application. There are corporate uses for the same kind of online location restriction. Most businesses block the same inappropriate content in their firewall and may restrict access to bandwidth-hogging sites like video streaming sites in order to maximize the amount of bandwidth available.

3. Protection from Malicious Attacks Online

A firewall is called a firewall because it refers to a wall intended to confine a fire within a building. The firewalls in your computer and servers perform a similar service, but instead of a physical fire, it’s protecting your network from malicious attacks.

The firewall “sits” between the network (like the Internet) and your computer or local servers to block unwanted traffic or attacks. That’s how firewalls work to protect your information.

4. Firewalls are a Preventative Measure Only

Firewalls provide critical protection to keep your computer safe from unauthorized access, but it cannot remove malware from an already infected system. You should always use a firewall in conjunction with other proactive protection measures like anti-malware software.

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IMS Technology Group offers comprehensive firewall software solutions as a certified reseller of SonicWall software. We can also help you set up anti-malware in order to maximize protections for your computers and servers.

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