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Records Management and Document Management: Using SharePoint for Better Collaborations

How much time do you spend looking for the documents you need? You may not realize it, but on average it accounts for 6 weeks of your time each year...

Email vs. Automated Workflow: Start the Inbox Overload

It is rare that we are on top of all our email correspondence, mostly due to the sheer quantity. Ever since email was invented in the 1970s, the..

The Top Three Departments to Start Automating

By 2021 the global business automation market is projected to be worth up to $14 billion. Automation is the wave of the future, so many companies are..

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Managed Services

If your company is small, and hasn't started outsourcing work yet, we've got a question for you:

Improve Document Security for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

Data breaches happen all the time, but many small and medium-sized business aren't equipped to prevent or manage such an event.

What is Document Management, and What Are the Benefits?

Document management systems involve the design of an entire system of workflows. The system enables the efficient and systematic creation of..

Sensitive Data Protection Practices You Shouldn't Ignore

Have you ever wondered why your parents refuse to shop online? It's not just because they are not caught up with the trends of the shopping industry.

Improving School District's Efficiency in Handling Paperwork

When the public school district in the small Missouri town of Mexico needed services to cut down on paper-based processing of documents in its..